All about YouTube. 9 Questions and its Answers on YouTube.

youtube QnA

 All about YouTube. 9 Questions and its Answers on Youtube.

Many peoples have question about YouTube and they ask in many ways. so I

figure out of Questions and Answers.

Is YouTube a Channel ?

YouTube is an App for video streaming in the online world. So it is not from me. You can watch videos of movies, music, games, learning and many more.

When people ask this question I tell them yes YouTube is not like a TV channel. YouTube is a mobile, web and tablet based channel. But there is more I like to say youtube have there official channel which the name is Youtube.

Youtube giveaways real or not ?  

Youtube giveaways are real. There is not a lie behind this. So there any other channel offering a giveaway of any prize is real. With the help of giveaways content creators and channel owners attract the viewer and subscriber.

There are free charges for subscribing in many channels. They do not take charges of this. So I finally say that youtube giveaways are real in the present. When anyone offers giveaways you have to participate there.

Youtube Shorts Monetized or not ?

No! Youtube Shorts are not monetized. In the future youtube has a plan to monetize it. Youtube shorts are running in a beta version. So when it is officially announced by youtube there is hope of monetization of Shorts in future. Don’t lose your hope to create interesting short videos. It is beneficial to you for gaining a subscriber and famous.

Are YouTube videos copyrighted ?

Yes, most of the videos are copyrighted but there are some videos that are not copyrighted. You have to check which videos are under open source free to use then you can use it for your project and so on are you using copyrighted videos there is a legal term buy it from the owners of video it's ok then no copyright Strike will be in your videos OK then.

can YouTube be hacked

Yes YouTube can be hacked but Major of securities and it service there is no chance hacked to YouTube. YouTube is a major company of Google for video streaming platforms and there is no chance to have that platform which is very famous in the world so don't hope you can hack, get used to hacking is an illegal term and don't do this kind of information OK then.

Can YouTube music play in the background ?

Yes, YouTube video streaming platform which is run on mobile PC and tablets so there are features of YouTube we can listen to music from YouTube you can play music in the background. 

But if you have a premium membership for YouTube music subscription then you can play YouTube music in the background.

Can YouTube be a career ?

 yes yes you can make a career in making video on YouTube many many people how YouTube channels and they are going to make money from making videos on YouTube as a career so you have decided that a YouTube is a career to go on this is a very e use platform all over the world thanks for asking this.

Can YouTube channel names be changed ?

Yes YouTube channel names change. There are many YouTube channels on YouTube applications. people thinking to start YouTube channel and they add their name on Channel, after not successful of channel they decide to change their name. There is an option in the settings menu in Google account name change option you can go there and change it. It will take some time to change your name all over your Google account as well YouTube account.

Can YouTube be uninstalled ?

According to my knowledge it is not an option in Android phones for uninstalling YouTube. you cannot install this YouTube app. this is a Google's product that's why you cannot uninstall. this YouTube app in the iOS App Store or iOS mobile I think there is an option for uninstalling YouTube so you can check if you use IOS Apple mobile, and why are you uninstalling. this YouTube is very informative so don't you install it.

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