All My Opinions About YouTube Music

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All My Opinions About YouTube Music 

when YouTube started down its path of changing how it functions, so did your experience of the service. it's no longer a simple way to watch videos on the web. now, it's a set of various services, each aimed at one specific purpose. of course, in the beginning, it was all about watching video online. and while that's still a big part of the service, YouTube has expanded its product offerings to include different things. and the new YouTube Music app aims to expand those offerings even further.


really appreciate you all being here. it’s been a busy week since last we met, but things have never been busier for us. that’s why we’re so excited to launch this new app. it’s available now on Apple TV and Android. later this summer, we’ll be rolling it out to Apple TV, Android, and mobile, and then it will be a one app experience for you. music has always been an important part of YouTube, and we’ve worked to bring our music video experience to everything that we do at YouTube, from the creators you watch to the videos you watch on mobile. today, I’m here to talk about the next step for us in music: YouTube Music.


the biggest part of YouTube today is videos, but over the years, we’ve started to build products that offer experiences around the music experience. we started out with YouTube Music Key, which turned on ads in videos and enabled playlist listening in a whole new way. then came YouTube Music. and, with music growing to be an even more important part of YouTube, we decided to build a new app with new features that really made it stand out. for example, because this is YouTube, we really wanted to make it easier to find videos related to your favorite songs, instead of the classical music channel that you’re used to.


we wanted the app to make it easier to browse around and discover new videos that are a good fit for you. it also helps you to save music to your home screen and get recommendations based on how you used to listen to music when you were growing up. these are all things that we’ve added over time, and I think this is one of the strongest aspects of the new app. it’s not just a new name, but also a new approach.


one of the most exciting things about the new app is that we made it completely free. while YouTube Music will be a great experience for you, we realize that not everyone can afford a subscription or a paid membership. for that reason, we want to be available for everyone. this is one of the great things about mobile today: there are more of you using mobile devices than ever, and that means more devices with different types of hardware, such as older phones or even phones without large screens. for many people, the most accessible way to enjoy music will always be through YouTube Music.


that said, we want to make the app available on as many devices as possible, so we’re going to make the mobile version of YouTube music available on more platforms, so you can start enjoying music wherever you are. for those of you who don’t have access to YouTube Music for iOS, Android, or Apple TV, we have two great ways to get YouTube Music. first, if you’re a YouTube Red member, you can download it today, or if you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for a free YouTube Red trial. you will get all the features of YouTube Music free for one month, and if you love it, you can continue as a YouTube Red member.


others can download the new YouTube Music app for free starting today on Android and Apple TV. you can learn more about YouTube Music and download it at


once you install it, you’ll be able to start enjoying YouTube Music today.


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